Day 1 Levkas14 miles
Levkas town is the island's capital. The town was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1953. It offers a picturesque scenery for its visitors. Colorful houses closely built next to each other, the long beach with its characteristic windmills, a totally unique and lively place.
Day 2 Spartochori15 miles
On day two you will travel to the island of Meganisi, precisely the place Spartochori, which is known for its particularly popular yachting port. In this picturesque coastal village you can look forward to unique alleys with planted houses, an old church ruin and the famous stairs of Spartochori.
Day 3 Kalamos: Port Leone8 miles
On the south side of the island of Kalamos you can find Port Leone, a small, beautiful Greek Ionian Village. Marvel at the coastal village from the yacht or visit the pretty little church, which is still in use, ashore.
Day 4 Kastos33 miles
Kastos is a very small island in the Ionian Sea with less than 100 inhabitants. It is part of the archipelago called Taphians and invites visitors with its numerous small bays to a relaxing stay. After dinner, we will transfer the 33miles to the beach of Porto Katsiki.
Day 5 Beach of Porto Katsiki28 miles
Breakfast at the beach? This famous, beautifully swung beach enchants with paradisiacal conditions. A short stairway leads you to various viewpoints. From here you can overlook the entire bay and the sea.
Day 6 Fanari Beach17 miles
Did you ever want to see tortoises? Then try your luck at Fanari Beach on the eastern coast of Meganisi. The white pebbles beach shines brightly in the Ionian sun and the surrounding trees will provide you shade for a pleasant day ashore. The small beach bar on site also enriches the area with quiet Reggae, Latin and Blues music.