Sample routes

Follow the call of the sea and discover the spectacular natural spectacle when the sun touches the horizon and puts little hidden coves into a breathtaking play of light. Each of our exclusive travel tours is individually tailored to you. It is up to you whether the sails are set every day and you travel to the next wonderful destination or if you remain a little longer in the newly discovered bay. Also other places outside of Greece are not a problem. The Opus 68 "Helene" is seaworthy and is would even be ready to cross the Atlantic.
Consequently, even more tropical climes such as the Caribbean or Africa are not unrealistic. Ultimately, you decide where the journey will go and how much adventure there should be.

Current area: Ionian Sea // Greece
The bright blue-green colour of the Ionian Sea, with the there to be found Ionian Islands, seduces with its peaceful and relaxing charm. Travel to the beaches of Levkas and Porto Katsiki or see tortoi


So relaxing and great service on Board! A big “Thank you” to Sebastiano and Kate
Ute + Jörg (Hamburg, Germany)

Fabulous beaches, deep blue water, small hidden bays and breathtaking landscape sceneries. The islands of Kefalonia and Meganisi have a lot to offer and are not shy to present themselves in the fulles


We had a wonderful time with four of our best friends!
Jake and Kathy, London (UK)

Sun, beaches and the open sea. What more could you dream of when thinking about a perfectly relaxing vacation? There will also be no shortage of variety on this trip. Visit new coasts, beaches and bay


Livadi is definetly in the TOP 10 beaches in Greece. We had a great sunset there with incredible good local wine!
Michael and Kathrin, Frankfurt (Germany)