Day 1 Kioni6 miles
Destination number one of your journey will be the coast of Kioni. The white beach, the azure blue and increasingly darkening water - a perfect start into a relaxing vacation. Enjoy picturesque impressions and the surrounding peace and quietness.
Day 2 Vathi22 miles
Vathi is one of the largest villages in the northeast of Meganisi. The deep blue water in the harbor is ideal for fishing. You may try it yourself or watch the routine of the fishermen. The village also offers a great sight with its many white facades, alleys, several small churches and olive groves.
Day 3 Poros15 miles
Poros presents a small idyllic bay with a wonderful beach. But the highlight of this bay is a little bit further hidden inland, a small local tavern. Have a seat on their terrace and take a unique look of the entire bay.
Day 4 Kefalonia: Efimia13 miles
Efimia, which is located on the east coast of Kefalonia, is a beautiful, small fishing village. Many small beaches, cafes right by the water and a stunning landscape. Enjoy the traditional Greek, hospitable atmosphere and unique, captivating views of Ithaca in this coastal village. Only a short distance away you will find the famous Myrtos beach which is definitely also worthwhile visiting.
Day 5 Fiskardo4 miles
The exclusive small fishing village Fiskardo, which also belongs to the island of Kefalonia, is closed to motorized traffic and has a very special flair due to that. Do you also want to discover something cultural? The local, small museum will give you an insight into the history of the island as well as the village. In addition to this attraction there is an old Norman church and an old lighthouse in the village.