Day 1 Antiparos: Agios Georgios8 miles
Agios Georgios on the island of Antiparos has two wonderful sandy beaches on which you can find pure relaxation. Agios Georgios, is one of the most picturesque corners of Antiparos. A village with primarily summer and holiday homes, which has a very relaxed, easy-going atmosphere here.
Day 2 Paros: Christi Akti4 miles
The so-called golden coast of Paros points out the beach of Christ Akti. The pearl of the island will leave no wish unfulfilled. A large sandy beach, which merges into crystal clear, turquoise coloured water and a view of the island Drionissi. Even sports enthusiasts will not miss out. At the beach there are some water sports schools and distributors, so that windsurf-lovers can use the perfect wind conditions.
Day 3 Naxos: Agiassos5 miles
Green mountains surrounding the white beach and the blue sea. The beach of Agiassos is perticularly known and popular for this artful combination. By the surrounding trees there will always be enough shade and yet the bay is relatively calm. A harmonious landscape and also a great place for a dive in crystal clear water.
Day 4 Iraklia: Livadi7 miles
Travel on day four to the eastern side of the island Iraklia The impressive beach of Livadi beguiles you with its vivid colours. The long, white sandy beach, which end in bright blue water wrapped in the green scenery of the flora and fauna. A truly colourful scenery.
Day 5 Keros: Keros Mainland15 miles
Keros is an uninhabited Greek island and the second largest island of the small eastern Cyclades. Some archaeological discoveries were already made here in the past which suggest the importance of the island in the early Bronze Age. Enjoy the sight of an uninhabited island with high stony shores and long white beaches.
Day 6 Amorgos: Olympia10 miles
On the island of Amorgos, you may first of all visit the shipwreck Olympia, which impressively towers out of the water. However, the island has a lot more to offer. A hilly, idyllic scenery, the capital Chora, with a lot of history as well as traditional Cycladic architecture, some small churches and cathedrals as well as beautiful beaches.
Day 7 Kato Antikeri56 miles
Immerse yourself in the turquoise coloured water, which the Ionian Sea is known for, and dive or snorkel to caves. Kato Antikeri is a highly developed island, which continuously is in progress and is relatively modern. There are only a few very old historical buildings, which are integrated into the unique overall view.